Why Us

Professional, studio niche portraiture celebrates you and the legacy that you are making.

Images of you in your home will bring to life the love you share and the adventures you have together. And when you walk by it everyday, you’ll get an overwhelming feeling of joy, love, giggles and nostalgic purpose flowing through your veins. Even wen you struggle with the teenage years, these images will remind of the amazing being that is your child.

Our goal is to make those images be more and more valuable to you every year that passes.

And when professional imagery is printed and designed to coordinate with your home and its decor, all of sudden YOU are your art.

An investment so worth it, you’ll wonder how you could have ever lived without it. Especially when your little ones grow, change and discover before your eyes.

Remembering  those looks, grins, smirks, and oh-so-them growth stages will seem like you want to keep a grip on the past. They grow too fast!

Sessions with Karin at Peas in a Pod by Karin Nagel - are relaxed & minimal  and time efficient for dad (see what we did there?). It’s a play-date and equally a little "rest" for mum & dad, while Karin entertains and take professional, timeless portraiture of you and your family.

Karin is a portrait photographer specialising in the art of newborn and baby portraiture.

Karin is a fully accredited member of the AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photographers). 

Our studio is always sanitised with hospital grade sanitiser.

Karin is also Fully vaccinated for Whooping Cough, and the nasty flu bug.

Mentoring have been recieved from some amazing Newborn and Family Photographers:


So...Why Hire US???  Well it simple:

Our job is to capture and evoke emotion, and create beautiful photography and art that can't "just quickly be taken on your iPhone".

We simply want to share the art of Newborn photography & Baby photography with you!