Testimonial 9

"We are so glad we chose you. You are so warm and friendly. We were made to feel right ay home, in your cosy little studio. Thank you for making us feel so confident in you. So much so, that my wife could take a nap, wehile you were on baby sitting dutoies.... What a wonderful experience, thank you."

- Dan

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Testimonial 8

“We heard from a friend that Karin specialises in Newborn and Baby photography, and she has a little studio in the gorgeous Stackwood. 
We knew we had to meet her. We were looking for someone who understands the newness and over-protectiveness we felt of our new baby girl. 
We are so glad we chose her, she is so warm and friendly. We were made to feel at home in her cosy studio and even managed a twenty minute nap whilst she photographed our baby.

I noticed that Karin took great care in understanding our little girl and the way she moved, where her happy points were, before posing her.

Karin took great care and was so patient. She really made us feel that our little girl was in wonderful and safe hands. 
We love our images and will be recommending Karin to everyone”
    - Lisa

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Testimonial 7

“We had an absolutely amazing experience with Karin at Peas in a Pod by Karin Nagel Newborn Photography!

During the shoot, Karin did amazing work and we were made to feel so welcome, it was a pleasure to see Karin do her work with our newborn.

Today we saw the images and we couldn’t be happier with them!

We found it incredibly hard to choose from them, but we walked away feeling very happy with the experience, from start to finish.

If you are looking for newborn photography, please consider Karin!

She is a beautiful person, her service brilliant and the results will be amazing”

– Sharn Branch

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Testimonial 6

“I would highly recommend them to you. I loved seeing him wrapped up so snug and how nice you were.

I enjoyed watching him lay there, It made me very excited to see the photos.

The photos are absolutely gorgeous, I am very happy”

-A very happy Mama

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Testimonial 5

“Being able to be there with my bub and the warm presence Karin had, watching her soothe my bub and put me at ease.

As well as being able to debrief about my baby and the birth and all the wonderful and not so wonderful aspect ts of the first few days of motherhood.

I cried when I saw my photos, they are wonderful!

I would say to others that who are considering a session like this, to go for it, it was wonderfull”

- M.Canhan

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Testimonial 4

“The best part of the session and experience was watching Karin shoot, she was very friendly and really good at settling bubs.

Karin does an amazing job and takes the cutest pictures.

My most memorable part of the session was seeing bubs being wrapped in cute blankets.

I was very satisfied with the session and experience"

- Z. Goldney

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Testimonial 3

“The photos of Ava are beautiful, we love all the little macro shots especially of her wispy hair!

Thanks for making the whole experience so wonderful for our new little family!”

- F. Allen

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Testimonial 2

"Karin at Peas in a Pod is amazing, she is very professional in her work, she takes her time and you can tell she loves what she does! Her work is outstanding and I feel so lucky to have her create our memories to treasure forever 😊Thank you, Karin!x"

- Alison Weidman

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Testimonial 1

"Our son was just 10 days of age when we had a newborn photo shoot with Karin. Her warmth, gentleness and confidence with our son made us feel so comfortable and safe with our infant in her hands. As a new mum, the exhaustion had hit and I felt comfortable to lay down while she took care of him during the session. Not only was she fantastic to work with during the session but her follow up service was just as great!
I highly recommend Karin to all my friends and family for snaps of their little ones!!!"

- Bethany McMahon

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