Image Copyright of  Erin Hardy Photography  

Image Copyright of Erin Hardy Photography 

I've been meaning to introduce my personal blog for quite some time now...

So here goes!

Welcome to Straight from the Pod News. For my own sanity, I've decided to merge my blog spaces and use one platform.

So before I tell you a bit about what you will see from Straight from the Pod, let me tell you a bit more about our little unit first, for those of you that do not know us.


Right now there are three members in our unit:

My husband Pete, myself (Karin) and our wonderful Labrador, Maverick.

Pete: He is the most amazing, kind hearted and generous husband, he looks after me so well, and even after nearly nine years together, dare I say, he still adores and loves me.

Pete is an Englishman, and Yorkshire to the core, you'll eventually get what I mean by that!!

Baker & Chef by trade and charcutierer / angler in his spare time. Plus he loves to ferment stuff.

Pete works for Wild Bakery in Fremantle! Yummmmmmmmmm

You can follow Pete here on  Instagram and Flitch & Leaven


Myself: Well not much to tell, I love my husband more than anything, and his happiness means everything to me, his happy is my happy.

I'm South African born and bred, migrated to the UK many, many moons ago, where I of course met Pete. (This is also why I have a very strange accent!)

As you may or may not know, or can tell by my website, I am a newborn and baby photographer, this is my niche.


However in my spare time I join Pete on the fermentation/ charcuterie quest.

Now anyone who knows us, know how much we love our dog, but we never thought we'd be those people. You know, those people that have to get home from an afternoon out because the dog needs walking...
Maverick is the most amazing creature, I've also done a blog on him here, he brings us so much joy and happiness with all of his silliness. He also has his own Instagram account, if you'd like to follow him here.


Pete, Maverick and I made a really difficult move two years ago...we decided to leave to U.K. and migrate to Perth, Western Australia.

Hands down the best decision we've made! Sure it's hard not seeing our friends and family, but they all have somewhere to visit now!! (Hint hint)

In the two short years that we've lived here, so much has happened. We bought land and built a house.


I've opened up my studio full time, we've done and seen so many things in this beautiful country but have not even scratched the surface yet...

Things from outdoor cinemas to the most amazing white sandy beaches. Not to mention the friends we have made and the amazing people we've met on the way.

We Are truly blessed!


So if you are still with me, I shall now tell you what you can look forward to from Straight From The Pod:

Eventually Pete and I would like to make life simpler, a bit more environmentally friendly, so I will be sharing things we do, our experiences, struggles and successes with you...

From DIY furniture, thrifty-ness, gardening/harvesting to us dipping our toes in backyard "homesteading" and of course our travels and beach going here in OZ!

So please join us in our journey!

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Much love,


Karin Nagel