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Why printing is so important..

Once you have given birth to your bundle of joy - all you want to do is share the news. If you have your images printed too, they will last a lifetime, and often even longer.

Physical prints give you heirlooms to pass down as you move on in your life. Often you are not recording (capturing a moment) & printing (preserving the moment) for today, but instead for tomorrow, for your children and for your children’s children.

Passing down a box of hard drives doesn’t exactly have the same appeal, does it? 
Photographs are meant for paper–not screens. The word “photograph” literally means “to write with light.”

Printing liberates your photographs. On paper, your images are a part of the physical world. Data has no substance. 
A gigabyte isn’t a physical thing. Printing photographs, however, gives you a certain degree of tangibility that files don’t. 
Digital cameras have made the whole process of image capture so much easier. Most households own a digital camera and take considerably more photographs of the generations who grew up during the 36 & 24 exposure film roll years. 

Such accessibility to photography has resulted in a devaluing of the images we take. You now have access to so many channels– Facebook,  Instagram & many more. So many of us are capturing our memories on phones & cameras, transferring them to our computer hard drives and forgetting about them. Photographs can end up lost through the hard drive crashes or accidental deletion and unlike most other documents photographs of family parties or holidays simply can’t be replaced.

By gifting yourself a photography session, you allow me to capture all the tiny details that you forget over time.  
Those tiny toes, perfect little hands, hair detail, eyelashes, lips, you name it! The sheer embodiment of a print, the physicality of it, being able to pass it around, hang it up – it gives your images a new presence. They can’t simply be forgotten about or skipped past like they so often are on a screen. 

I am extremely passionate about printed pieces because as an artist this shows not only the quality of my work but also when seen as a print, photographs evoke deeper emotions and because of this I believe and promote the importance of displaying and printing photographs.

And as most of you are aware, I print in-house and have been since mid-last year. This has so far been such an amazing journey. And the look on my Clients faces when they get to take these prints home on the ordering day is priceless to me.

So I will leave you with this...."Cars come & go.  Houses come & go.  But your newborn – your baby – will start growing& changing before your eyes.

I want you to remember your perfect baby exactly as they are now, and have those memories last forever." Julia Kelleher. 

This week’s feature UK Photographer is the gorgoues Julie Grant Photography, https://www.juliegrantphotography.co.uk/. Julie is a children's and family photographer, Loughborough, Leicester 😘


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