Top Five settling techniques for a Newborn

So here is my top five Settling techniques for a newborn…

As you most likely know by now I adore newborn session, not just because it calms and grounds me but more so to let you know you’ve got this.

And as a new mum You may be walking into my studio feeling nervous, uncertain, maybe a little scared, so sleep deprived and all you hope for is your baby to be “good” so you can have a decent photo.

A lot the time you wonder if I will see through what you might think is your “incompetence” as a new parent, you put on a brave face and pay attention very closely and carefully to see if you can pick up any tips so your baby would just go to sleep.

Here is the thing mama! Stop being so hard on yourself, parenting doesn't come wit a manual! You can read all the books you want, but nothing will prepare you for this. So trust me who I say you are doing a beautiful and perfect job. And you will get the hang of this, just be kind and gentle with yourself!!

Okay now that Ive gone off the rails a bit here is five tips on settling that sweet little one…and these are also the things you will see me fo during our newborn photography session.

  • My Number one tips is to try and stay calm. - Babies are extremely tuned-in to their parents’ emotions. So try and stay relaxed

  • Keep baby Cosy - Think about it, babies are use to being nice and toasty in their mamas wombs - and at this age they are unable to regulate their own body temperature, so when they are cosy , they are a lot more inclined to sleep.

  • Get them milk drunk, then burp them.

  • Rock, Swaddle and Sway - your baby was jolted round in your tummy for 9 months, so try and keep them moving, and because they are unable to focus their eyes on one thing at this age, they will most likely close their eyes and fall asleep.

  • White noise - Seriously it helps a lot! and dare I day it will most likely calm you too.

Newborn Baby Family Photographer Fremantle Perth.png

Sure you might look at my tips and go.”Duh! I know that” - but its so easy to miss these little tricks when you are so tired. This way its written down for you and you can just refer back.

P.s I have a lot more tips like these up my sleeve, so drop me a message or pop by the studio here at Stackwood in Fremantle. Lets have a coffee.