Planning Baby's Nursery - Part 2 - The Colour Scheme

Baby's nursery   - Planning the colours...

You are panicking now, as you think you don't have anything ready for baby yet, am I right? Well, lovely don't fret!

We will have baby's nursery done in no time.


Firstly make sure you have covered the essentials, follow this link for a refresher!

Then make sure you have signed up to receive your free nursery printable (scroll down to the bottom of this page, fill in your details and tada!), you can print these off and frame them, - Use it as art, it will add that bit of flair to baby's room!

(Katie, over at "View from the Fridge", have done an amazing job in creating little craft and DIY tutorials and projects, and she and Sonnet from "SohoSonnet Creative Living" have come together to provide these beautiful printables.)


Now make sure you have a list of things you would like (and can afford) for your nursery - get a little notebook because the ideas will keep coming...

We will also cover where to hang your baby's newborn photos, if you were thinking of putting pictures up in the nursery.


There is a lot to be said for colour palettes (and once you get sucked into this world you won't escape!....mhwaaahhaaahhaaa)

Many parents choose to keep the nursery gender neutral these days, but most can't help but sneak a bit of pink/blue in there!

Peas in a Pod by Karin Nagel.jpg

There are a few options when choosing your colour palette. As a photographer I am trained to see colour and know which colours compliment one another so if you get stuck just let me know and I will help you as best as I can:

Here are a few examples (Please note these aren't my images, found on Pinterest)

  • Below you will see some beautiful bright colours, the colour palettes are designed in a way for you to see which colours compliment each other, These are all happy colours, without being tacky:

Here are some more toned down colours, pastel colours if you will, which in my opinion will bring more of a sense of calm and relaxation to the room, and I would definitely consider going with something like this:

  • Here are some more neutral colours, if you still find the colours above too colourful, I personally love the neutral colours, its my happy colours (as you can tell from my website colours etc.) I would definitely go with some of these and add a touch of dusty pink, gold, sage green and cream :-). But it all comes down to personal preference, so let your imagination run wild, enjoy this part of the planning, keep an eye out for part 3 and 4.