My Passion Projects | Newborn Baby Family Lifestyle Photographer Fremantle Perth

Today’s blog will be kept short and sweet as I talk about something close to my heart, My Passion Projects:

The Project Project is something I’ve had under my hat for quite a while, and we’ve just added a new page to the website for it as well.

In essence, this project is based on a person being nominated once every three months for a complimentary session by someone who feels that this person deserves a break, or maybe just a few hours to escape the stresses of everyday life that we all fall victim to at one time or another.

Newborn Baby Family Lifestyle Photographer Fremantle Perth

It’s not really about charity, or trying to appear virtuous, but rather about trying to deliver something to someone who really deserves it, which for better or for worse is an event that occurs very rarely in this life!

Newborn Baby Family Lifestyle Photographer Fremantle Perth

Through moving a whole life (and a labrador) to the other side of the world, to setting up a fledging business, and buying a house, we have flirted with financial difficulty on more occasions than we care to remember. Life is difficult and more often than not, it just sort of...gets in the way of itself somehow. It’s difficult to put in to words I suppose, but you’re all hardworking people, so I’m sure you know what I mean! 

So who should you nominate? It could be a friend with a newborn but they’ve suffered a redundancy, or maybe they need a little nudge, a reminder of how we should hold our families close by. Maybe they’re just a wonderful human being, filled with kindness and just them being them is deserving. Maybe a mama that needs to be reminded of how special and beautiful she and her little family is?

Newborn Baby Family Lifestyle Photographer Fremantle Perth

Take a moment, see if you thought of someone while you were reading this. If you did, pay it forward and head to the website and give them a nomination. This is a concept I really want to get off the ground, and only you can help me do it! Let’s share the love, I would be forever be grateful!, Please share this post with all your friends and family, wide and far. And most importantly here is the link where you can nominate the person (s). ”Nominations for Passion Project”