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How do I balance Peas in a pod by Karin Nagel vs life?

I sometimes find it funny when I speak to the average Joe, how people perceive photographers and photography.

I think there are three types of people and trains of thought when you say "I am a photographer"

There's the:

  1.  "Pfftt must be nice to take pics all the time..."(Insert eye roll) or the "wow your camera takes such good photos, I just got myself the new iPhone, and I know it can take beautiful pictures too..."
  2. "Oh wow, how amazing, you have such a wonderful job!! It's a dream job!" 
  3. "Can you bring your camera to the party?" (No! Sorry, unless I offer, I think its a bit cheeky to ask! - It's like asking your plumber to look at your toilet whilst at the party....)

Well, there's a certain truth to point 2. - It is the most amazing job, and it is my dream job, however - the grass isn't always greener. And by that, I don't mean that I don't like what I do, and I'm not being a negative nancy. There is just this certain type of reality, that not many people seem to know about or understand.

So here's the dirt...

It's hard! I cannot tell you how hard it is... not only being a photographer, who constantly tries to upskill but also being an entrepreneur. It is literally like this!

Now that you know a bit more about "the life of an entrepreneur", the question is how do I manage it all? 

The truth is, as photographers we don't get or make time for personal projects. However, one thing I do is remember how much amazing life is around me. I don't want to miss that, so after a day at the studio, I put my camera down and enjoy the simpleness of life. 

I stay active, walk and jog a lot. 

Unplugging is a big thing to me, and even though I always try and respond promptly, (and this is often why you'll receive my automatic response), my phone is put away and forgotten about once I walk through the front door of my home. 

I make spending time with my husband my number one priority. As I know how hard it can be to be married to a crazy entrepreneur. 

The key to staying sane is to still love the reason why you became a small business owner to begin with. Allow yourself to set boundaries (for you and your clients), to allow yourself to have fun. And more often than not, the inspiration to create something beautiful or make some positive changes to your business will just pop out of no-where...out of clarity... But for now here is an image of one of my amazing little clients.



This week our international newborn photographer featuring on the blog is Jillian Greenhill Photography, in Abu-Dhabi.

"Jillian is one of the Middle Easts leading newborn photographers. You will see her love of texture, colour and light in all of her images as well as some of the beautiful props that are handmade by Jillian. She uses the studio and natural light for her stunning sessions.

Her background as a nurse makes safety her number one priority when working with newborns and children. There will be an assistant on hand to keep the precious babies safe at all times. She is an internationally trained, award-winning photographer. Jillian specializes in newborns and maternity. She is now an educator for newborn photography."

I've known Jillian for many years, and her passion has always amazed me. So pop on over to Jill's site and have a look at her amazing colour work! In awe!.