Getting your photos done ft. Little Evie | Newborn Baby Family Photographer, Fremantle Perth

This week I would like to talk to you about getting photos done!

And if you've been following my blog, or know me, you know how I am always hammering on about getting photos done, no matter if you think you've 'missed the boat'


I've met and come across many people lately, who talk to me about how they regret not getting images done of their littles, and then they figure that it's too late, and they leave it all together. But then when they speak to someone like my, you can see the guilt all over their faces....

The truth is, what happened, happened - and you cant undo it. SO instead of leaving it all together, or feel guilty every time you speak to a photographer, just get your images done. 

Of course, my aim, with every single client is to photograph their newborn, and then continue as their little family grow. However I also take clients on when they've 'left it late' (whatever that might mean).

My point is, there are so many significant moments in life, big and small, and if you just stick to capturing 'milestones' you miss all the silly, crazy, curious, inquisitive moments. These moments are the real raw ones, the true ones.

Take amazing little Evie here, what an amazing spirit she has. I photographed her just before her second birthday, and the mannerisms and sass were just too amazing to not record. She was in her own little world, she showed her true self, dancing and singing and just being silly...surely these moments are just as important as a first birthday shoot?

So I will leave you with this; If you've not had images done for your family, do it, capture them as they are right now, as these moments disappear so quickly...

And if you are trying to figure out how to choose your photographer, I've written a little blog here with some very helpful hints and tips.


P.s this week feature UK based photographer is Lynne Harper Photography, in Ayrshire, Scotland. Lynne is an amazing newborn and baby photographer. Her sessions are uniquely styled, as she consults with her clients over their style and colour preferences. 

Check back every week for a different feature.