Fremantle Baby Photography | Sweet little Ellis

Fremantle Baby Photography Introducing sweet little Ellis,

Recently I had the pleasure of photographing this amazing little human. We had such an amazing time. I feel so privileged that Julia and James ( who are also the owners of a little cafe called Bruce.Town in Fremantle) trusted me with their most precious gift.

Although of course, little Ellis's little baby rolls and eyes stole the show, It was very important to me to capture her gorgeous mum and dad too.


All too often we don't see ourselves how others do, and my job is to show you how beautiful you are, glasses, grey hair, extra skin - it doesn't matter, as shown by this gorgeous couple! But seeing them through my lens, seeing how happy they are to step in front of the camera for and with Ellis... made me think about those who aren't too confident and happy to do this.

Your current stage or "state" tells your story. It tells me as a photographer about your journey, the walk you've taken to get to this point. 

SO I get asked this question often: "But how do you feel comfortable in front of the camera?"

My answer: "I know how vulnerable and exposed you feel, I know how hard this is, for Pete's sake -even without children I myself, struggle with this still. But what are we afraid of? 

Are we afraid of showing who we really are? - Afraid that society or "they"won't like us and accept us? is it an inner struggle? - Are we afraid that we won't like ourselves?

Pish I say! 

At some point in our lives we accept and love ourselves, and as I understand it comes with maturing, but why wait until we are 50+, why can't we love ourselves in our current stage? Celebrate the journey and scars that we've picked up along the way! Don't wait.

And if the above advice still doesn't help, I bring out the big guns, the emotional truths...

"These images aren't really for you! These images are for your family, your children! And for years to come, they will treasure these images, they will keep them safe, these images will be loved."

Emotional truth two...    

" Body image. As a society, we are learning more and more about the psychological scars and impact of not accepting ourselves can have on our children and generations to come. So if not for yourself, please love and accept yourself for your baby, show him or her - confidence, pride, health, and love for yourself.

And they are sure to grow up much more confident in their own bodies."

SO next time you don't want to step in front of the camera, any camera - please, I beg of you, Consider the above...

For now, I leave you with these images of this amazing little human.