Emotive, Timeless, Simple | Peas in a Pod by Karin Nagel Fremantle Perth Newborn Baby Family Photographer

 Emotive, timeless and simple. What do these words mean to you??

"It's a new dawn, it's a new day..." and we are finally showing you who we are.  

Residing in our beautiful little studio here at Stackwood, we have finally found our inner groove.  

Now it's time to let our studio and brand reflect this.  

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When we think about Newborn and Baby photography and what we want to achieve, 3 words spring to mind:  

Emotive - For us it is imagery that is stripped back so that it moves you. Nothing superfluous or distracting. The aim is to create images that when you look at them, 40 years from now, or even 10 (when the teenage years are upon you...), they move you and bring back those intense feelings and memories that you've shared and created with your little one. Feelings that are so overwhelming that the images move you to tears. 

Timeless - That is just it, our images are meant to be as amazing and beautiful in 40 years as they are now. We create our art and photography with this in mind, which basically means that our end goal is for you to have that tangible image or product in your hands as an heirloom piece that you can pass on. 

Think about when you look through your memory boxes and albums today and you see images of your mum or dad or even your grandparents when they were babies or younger people, look at these images and let yourself get carried away, with their stories, the could, woulds, what ifs and when's...

Now think how happy and proud you are that you are able to cherish and keep these photographs and hold on to those stories.  

Simple - Simple can sometimes be a negative word, but used in the right context it has valuable meaning. 

We are trying to create simpler images using minimal props and light, neutral colours. These will all aid in creating that timeless image.  

For us it's simple. Strip it all away and you are left with an amazing image of your family. No distractions by a frog or bumble bee outfit, just your little one, in their purest, most beautiful form, for you to soak up and cherish forever.  


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If you've made it this far, you will see many changes at Peas in a Pod by Karin Nagel in the coming months. It's such an exciting time and so wonderful to be sharing it all with you.  

We spend countless hours training, failing, crying, trying and training some more. Peas in a Pod by Karin Nagel isn't just a studio, it's something we hope to elevate as a brand and as an experience, to the point where you see our little studio as "part of your family"

You, (our clients), have given us feedback and we listened, because its all about communication.

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  • We've thrown traditional parent posing out of the window, and tend to have a more "lifestyle" approach when posing parents with their little ones.
  • You said, you are tired of "just the digitals" (because you put them in a drawer or on Facebook, and now its lost all its impact and have left you a bit deflated), you want something more tangible and gorgeous, you said you want to leave the studio with something in your hands.  - So here we are, we now print in-house, our prints have been perfectly crafted to where, according to some "could hang in a gallery" (insert blushing emoji!). Our prints are archival and on the most beautiful fine art paper.
  • We have also tweaked our Collections, so that you get to head home after the Viewing appointment, with your prints! We do admit that it is handy to have the digital, so all our packages includes the high resolution image of the chosen print. In our opinion, you end up with the best of both worlds.

These things listed above, are just some of the things we are doing to make your experience with us unforgettable.

Thank you for your time, and please if you feel holding on to these memories are as important as we do, share this post and tell your friends. Comment below and tell us if you are as excited as we are, for this new "stage" for our little studio.