Fremantle Perth Newborn Baby Photographer | How do I stay inspired?

So today you will get a bit more insight into what keeps me inspired, where do I get inspiration and that oomph from?

But first let me introduce you to this amazing little client of mine: Edie Isabel!


This gorgeous little girl has overcome so much. Both she and her gorgeous mama were knocking at death's door with Group A streptococcal infection (GAS).

"Basically, GAS is the same organism that causes strep throat. But when the infection occurs in the uterus, it can be life-threatening, this is a very unusual but serious infection, and recognition of it is often a stumbling block to treatment. Group A streptococcus (GAS) can cause invasive infections in the form of endometritis, necrotizing fasciitis, or streptococcal toxic shock syndrome. These infections, when associated with sepsis, have associated mortality rates of 30 to 50 percent. When a pregnant woman presents with GAS infection, her symptoms are often atypical, with extremes of temperature, unusual and vague pain, and pain in the extremities. Imaging may appear normal, but removing a small sample from the uterus along with a blood culture may be a useful, rapid diagnostic tool. When suspected, invasive GAS infections need to be treated quickly. Very specific antibiotics are often helpful, although the infection may require surgery, which can be lifesaving" 


Though we are so grateful and lucky that neither of them had to undergo surgery, and that the antibiotics did their work, this was none the less a very scary situation they found themselves in.

They are both happy and healthy and are the most gorgeous ladies ever...

So how does the blog topic and Edie relate? Well, its moments and times like these I can really and truly see the value in what I do. Celebrating and both capturing the moments after such a traumatic experience. An almost milestone celebrated with images of this amazingly strong little human being and her mama. 


Giving her parents something to hold onto, a reminder of how beautifully they both came out on the 'other' side.  Being able to give her parents and brothers something that they will cherish forever. This is what makes it all so worth it. All the hours training, educating, working, hurting, crying. Financially investing everything we do and don't have, wanting to quit-then have it all be wonderful again. The editing time and running the business, (a rollercoaster right??!)

But to give my clients something that makes them emotional, (be it giddy or cry), is what inspires me to do it over and over again.

I've done a bit of homework and about 89% of my clients have said that the images I took of their littles, helped them through certain struggles, when they look at their images, they remember and know, for them, "its all worth it" - I don't want to say it (as I sound a bit up myself...), but here at the studio, the sessions are so much more than just sessions.

The studio and sessions are somewhere/something where you can just be yourself, talk about your struggles, cry, and nap...almost like some form of therapy. And once you receive your images, the tangible items, that you can cherish for years to come - this is when you truly see your little one. It fills your heart and suddenly your two hours of sleep a night does not seem so bad. 

 If you've made it this far, you've learnt why its all worth it for me as a photographer, as an artist. So now to let you in on where I draw some of my inspiration from:

  • Education - I'm always learning, working on my style and craft.
  • Books - I have so many books in the studio and at home, not necessary photography books, but anything that evokes an emotion in me.
  • Other photographers and Artists - I don't just draw inspiration from newborn photographers:
  1. Sue Bryce
  2. Kirsty Mitchell
  3. Julia Kelleher 
  4. Winterwares

This is it really. Nothing too fancy, or some magic wand, nor is it my "camera that takes such beautiful images" (insert eye roll emoji!). Its everyday things, people around me. I learn to listen, and watch and make mental notes. And from there I create. 

Thank you for stopping by and reading about what makes my creative side tick. :-)

PS. This weeks feature photographer from the UK is Julie Grant Photography,  Julie is an amazingly talented children's and family photographer, based in Loughborough, Leicester. Pop on over to her site and have a look, her work is so unique, in the sesne that she " Capture their true nature, in nature" - I love that!!