Activities to do with your children on rainy days | Fremantle Perth Newborn Baby Family Photographer

I suspect you are looking for activities to do with your children on rainy days? Seasons are chaining and it's getting colder here in Perth too. 

But no worries I've got your back, Have a read below, I'm sure a lot of these will inspire you and help you come up with things to do.

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1. Have yourselves a dance party - Switch on your favourite 80s music, put a scrunchy in your hair, draw a silly face with makeup (on all of you), and dance! Have fun, bust out the abba moves, or macarena...I promise you will enjoy this as much as they will!! 

2. Dress up in your best outfit (or silly outfits) and take pictures of each other, pull faces, laugh, just enjoy this precious time.

3. Organize and look through your photo albums, tell them stories and share your memories with them, this is so good for the soul, trips down memory lane are just the best.

4. Get some magazines and let them create a collage, let them be creative and build a story or shapes or colours. 

5. Play a board game, of course, let them win, you know - to keep the peace! 

6. Read their favourite book, and let them re-enact the story (many hours will pass doing this!)

7. Do exercises together - good for you and them, kids love running around, so create an obstacle course in the house.


8. Draw portraits of each other, this will also give you that much needed quiet time, plus you will be in awe of their concentration and imagination. 

9. Do crossword puzzles or make your own, this could easily be a fun educational game, but make sure they get rewarded at the end. 

10. Make play dough from scratch, there are many recipes online, and is so easy to do - and will entertain them for hours. (ps make sure its the edible type...)

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11. Play I Spy...Hours can pass playing this game. 

12. Let your kids paint your nails and do your makeup; take turns, even if you have boys, I promise you will have as much fun as they will. 

13. Have them draw pictures or write letters to family members or friend and mail them out, they will be so excited when they receive a letter in return.

14. Bake, let them help! Even if its brownies from a box.

15. Do an indoor scavenger hunt, this will be so much fun for them, the enthusiasm will blow you away.

16. Create a scrapbook for each child; have them decorate the cover and add the content, don't get too precious with it, just let them have fun.

17. Make some popcorn, throw a mattress on the floor and watch a film. (You will most probably need this more than them)

18.Build a forte - we use to love this, why wouldn't they? 

19. Face paint, let them paint you, but you only get to know what it is or seee it after thyve done, take turns.

20. Last but not least have naps...

Well there you go, a good list to help you get started. 

I think the important thing to remember is, that all they want at the end of the day is to be stimulated and have fun with you.

Love them, and hug them tight, even if they drive you mad, these moments are precious and disappear so quickly.


This week's UK feature photographer is Nikki Hopes from NC Hopes Photography, Nikki is a Newborn, Family and Cake Smash photographer in Stockport, Cheshire. SHe is so passionate and has beautiful work.