A day in the life with Peas in a Pod Studio | Newborn Baby Family Photographer Fremantle Perth

A day in the life with Peas in a Pod Studio

Image by Rae Fallon for Stackwood

Image by Rae Fallon for Stackwood

Whilst having a super high powered business lunch with my husband, it occurred to us that I haven’t shared much behind the scenes with you all, so here is a little snippet! 

I’m sharing this with you to hopefully make you more comfortable and at ease with me and the surroundings of the studio as being comfortable and relaxed can add to what is already a great experience. 

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All the sessions are held weekday mornings at 8:30 am (unless a different time has been scheduled), as this is when the light is at is most beautiful in my studio.  Once you arrive we grab a coffee (or tea) from our little Stacked Cafe, and then we head to the studio, where you can relax and make yourself at home. Whilst giving bub a top up and drinking our coffee we have a little catch-up and go over all the details we've discussed before, just to make sure we haven't missed anything. 

Peas in a Pod by Karin Nagel - images by The Makers Portrait Perth (23 of 28).jpg

Soon after this, the session starts. You can now relax even further. Most of my parents use this time to have a quick nap or catch up on some household stuff, or maybe return a few texts to family, who want to know about your newborn.

As soon as I'm ready, I will ask you to pop over to the shooting area, to give your little one a cuddle, and this is where the magic happens! I capture you in this moment too, this moment where you smell her new-ness and take in that moment where you look at her and think "wow! I made that!" 

Peas in a Pod by Karin Nagel - images by The Makers Portrait Perth (13 of 28).jpg

But please don't fear! There’s no need whatsoever to get all dolled up and whatnot.  These images are raw and natural and in fact, most of my clients come in their yoga pants and a white/cream blouse, and I use different angles to show off the true beauty of parenthood. We want to capture the real you, in an organic sort of sense. Have a little read here about existing in images (you will thank me later). If you still fear this moment, remember, these images aren’t for you to look at and decide whether or not you like how you looked on that particular day, they are for your little one to look back on one day, to treasure for years to come, and to show just how much they meant to you then, and still do now. 

If siblings are joining us in the session, I will ask that you bring them the first 30minutes - 1hour of the session. This way we can get the session done in ample time without them getting bored or irritated. After this time I ask that a parent or someone collect the sibling(s) and take them to the park or home. 

I will always advise that your bub will feed more than usual during the session, as this is quite an exertion for them as well. This is also the point where I will tell you to not worry when (not if!)  your baby poops on me, it’s all part of my job.

Peas in a Pod by Karin Nagel - images by The Makers Portrait Perth (10 of 28).jpg

Your baby is always my number one priority, so the session always runs to their needs.  Sessions are mentally and physically exhausting for me, (hence why I only do one newborn session a day). A lot of my clients find it surprising how much hard work goes into the session vs the finish product that they see but this is where thousands of hours of photographic and safety training pays off. 

Your baby’s comfort and safety is always my number one priority. I spend time getting to know your baby, how she moves, her cues and needs and around 80% of the Session will be spent settling and soothing baby. 

Whilst posing your baby, I will ask you to sit down and relax, and if your partner or grandma is present during the session, if and when needed - I will ask them to assist me (this also makes them feel that they are truly part of it, its a time they will always remember). Your job is to rest! 

Image by Rae Fallon for Stackwood

Image by Rae Fallon for Stackwood

Once the session is over, you can use my space to do a feed and change baby and then it’s time to say goodbye! We will meet again for your viewing and ordering appointment a few weeks after your session.

And that's it! Nothing to fear, nothing to worry or stress about. You will love your session, I promise.

What happens after you leave the studio?

Once you leave the studio, I import your images onto my hard drive, for safe keeping. I then start the culling process. Going through each image - one by one, looking at the angles, the lighting, and facial expressions. If I don’t deem that image good enough, you will never see that image, (these images are usually the double chin or closed eyes images - no one wants to see that!). From here I make minor adjustments to the contrast and colours in Lightroom and then import your images to Photoshop - this is where the many hours in front of the screen starts. Once in photoshop I make other adjustments like clearing bub’s skin from baby acne, milk spots, blemishes, inconsistent skin colouring. I spend many hours perfecting the images in post processing. 

Once I have finished your gallery, I’ll be in touch (usually 2/3 weeks after the session). to arrange the viewing appointment, where you can absorb the beauty of your family.

Image by Rae Fallon for Stackwood

Image by Rae Fallon for Stackwood

There is often a misconception that birth, newborn and family photographers are just mums with a camera, but you don’t often see the work, the sacrifices, the tears, the training that goes into it. It’s all hidden from view, like the swan across the lake. It’s all very serene and beautiful on the surface, but just peek below the surface and you will see just how much much effort the swan is making to move through the water. I learn each and every day (even after all these years). I make so many mistakes, fail and cry but then get up again and try harder, educate myself more. 

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It always helps to have an accreditation to your name too, as I find it cements the clients trust in you. I am accredited with the Australian Institute for Professional Photographers as a professional photographer. You go through a gruelling process of being judged, called upon and your images being ripped apart in order to make sure you are part of the “elite’ group. You can read a bit more about the AIPP and my accreditation here. 

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And just incase you’ve not read enough yet, or are a bit more curious, Here is a little blog about my style and a little blog about how to choose your photographer.