One month of Ophelia Wren

One whole month of our sweet little lamb, how did this happen?

As I’m writing this, she is asleep on a pillow, on my lap whilst we are listening to Ella Fitzgerald.

Somehow these past 4 weeks have gone so fast, passed by in a blur, like rushing water. But at the same time, we can’t really remember life without her…

I don’t really know how to sum up this last month or what we have learnt as new parents. What I can tell you about are the endless long nights, getting use to doing things one handed, finding ourselves staring at her for hours. Her tiny state makes us step back and take in all the little things. Her funny little grunts, her gray stare into space, her gassy smiles and her dad farts. I find myself touching the fluff on her ears, admiring her teeny fingers and toes. She does these little owl noises, pursing her lips together and uttering a sweet little hoot.

I am constantly taking images of her, and suddenly realise that I’m going to be that annoying parent! I will try my best to document her little life’s journey without becoming obstusive!


We are actually doing really well. We know it probably wont last long, but we count our lucky stars that for now we have a calm, relaxed baby, who is super cute, is feeding extremely well, loves background noise, baby and does actually sleep now and then. We love our new life, tiring as it may be.

A good friend actually told me a few months ago that she reckons that when a pregancy is tough, it means you will have an easy and relaxed baby. We found out I was pregnant two weeks along, so we had ample time to dream, plan and get ourselves ready for this colossal change.

We talked and prepared our minds to live intentionally and be present, to parent as a team. Long gone are those days when its all on one parent. Pete gets up at night to change her nappy, to sway her to sleep, to burp her and let her fall asleep on his chest whilst he sings and hums to her.

We find ourselves laughing at her little noises, facial expressions and crazy farts.

Personally I had a lot of fears before giving birth to our beautiful girl. I was worried that I would potentially go into this feeling no bond or connection with her. I was afraid of what motherhood meant, I was afraid that Pete and I will grow apart, that our marriage would change for the worse. But it was all very silly - I reckon if you make intentional choices and decisions that you are more aware of what you put out in the world.

I also can confirm that I can’t believe how much we love this little human. It’s a different type of love, one that we had never felt before.


I will just come out and say it, I am amazed at how loudly opinionated and full of advice people are. The unsolicited advice and questioning some of our choices…or the “aaawww you have it easy now, but just wait until…” Whilst we understand you mean well, just let us enjoy this baby-bliss bubble, we will ask if we need something or want to know something.


It’s been an adjustment for our boy. He no longer gets our undivided attention, and he is still a touch scared of this little “puppy” that has come and disrupted his life. However we make sure that he sniffs her hello everyday. We take turns to cuddle with him at night, whilst the other cuddles Offie.. I now every so often find him lying in Offie’s room, having a little snooze on the rug. It’s so exciting to imagine our sweet Maverick becoming the best of friends with her.


Well during the day she is a bit fussy. She will literally eat, poop and want to sleep on my chest all day long, and when I put her down, she is quick to tell me off for it. At night after Pete has given her an expressed bottle and a bit of cuddle time, we move onto our bed time “routine”.

I have a little cuddle and then I feed her, whilst we dim all the bedroom lights, play the white noise as well as our little playlist of music that we made. Once she is milk drunk and burped, one will cuddle her and then lay her down in her bassinet, very calmly and gently. We tend to get between three to four hours for the first part of the night, then she wakes, we change her and she nurses, about an hour later, she will fall back asleep for another two to three hours, so we are pretty made up about how lucky we are in thIs respect..


This journey took me by surprise. Little Offie latched so well. My milk came in pretty quickly.. I now have a crazy supply, which I’m so grateful for. This little monkey dropped 200g of weight in the first three days, then she gained a full 400g within the first week. High five!!!

She now has the chubbiest cheeks and a teeny double chin. Haha!

I feed Offie on demand and man, she knows how to demand…I feel pretty pleased and grateful that this journey is going well for us, as I fully understand and know so many mums who struggle with this, I’m pretty amazed that my body can keep another human alive.


I found this great little product called Haakaa. It’s a silicone hand pump that goes onto the breast you aren’t nursing on at that time, to collect the let down milk - it’s so gentle and amazing, that sometimes in one sitting I can collect up to 100ml from one breast.


If you’ve read my birth story, you know things were a bit tough. But one month on, I am starting to feel a bit more human. I’m a bit more mobile and have much less pain. Every so often I still experience some pains where my nerves in my lower tummy are re-growing, and I am reminded to exercise caution. I find myself dreaming about doing the normal things I use to pre-pregnancy, I dream of going for a run, to work out on our kickboxing pads, to squat and stretch. All things I took for granted, I might add.

But for now I am trying to embrace my new shape and body, I admire my body and appreciate the strength it has shown through all this. Of course I am eager to loose the weight but am so grateful and in awe of how incredible my body is.


The biggest and craziest thing we have ever done, the most beautiful journey we are embarking on. All of a sudden we blinked and she is already a month old. She is happy, healthy, farts a lot and enriching our lives like we’ve never imagined. Our beautiful pooch is starting to cuddle near her, which is so sweet in itself. We love being her parents and can’t wait I to see whats in store for us all.