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How to take better Christmas images with your phone?

So it's nearly Christmas!

So many fun things going on!  So I'm going to help you!

After reading this you will be more confident and capture those moments using the camera most of us have on hand all the time – your mobile phone

Our phones' camera abilities have become so good, that most of us always have had the opportunity at hand to capture a moment.

I’ve played around with a number of apps and phone cameras and here are my tips for getting better images of your children come Christmas morning!
Get an app for posts processing
I’ve tried lots but I love VSCO and Lightroom mobile the best, and Instagram to share photos best.

Try and hold the phone still.
Yep, simple but important to avoid blurry photos.
Did you know that when professional photographers click the button they usually hold their breath? (Well I do, you'll notice when I have my heavy lenses fitted to my camera!)


You don’t need to go that far but try anchoring yourself against something. So lean on a wall or door frame.

Think about lighting.
Bigger and better cameras cope well in darker rooms or at night. Your phone likely doesn’t and will produce quite ‘grainy’ photos as things get darker.

If possible move your subject to a window.

Of course, if it’s night time that’s not an option, in that case, look at the artificial lighting in your room – make sure it’s not growing out of your subjects head! If possible, have them lit from the side rather than below or above – unless you are going for a Halloween/ghoulish look!

Photography literally means ‘painting with light’ – look for the light first and then set up your shot.

Look for details
We all put so much effort into Christmas day with food, gifts, decorations… Take 10 minutes before you sit down to eat and take some photos of what you’ve achieved! Be proud! Count your blessings this Christmas by looking not just as gifts and people but at the little moments around you.


Plan ahead
Think about charging your phone ahead of time and taking your charger with your if you are spending the day at someone else’s house.

Take lots of shots of the same thing
As I mentioned earlier, your camera phone isn’t a professional camera and does have it’s limits. It likely won’t capture low light photos brilliantly and it’s usually not fantastic with moving targets.

My suggestion in this digital age is to take lots of photos! You can delete later but recreating a moment is impossible. The iPhone has a ‘burst’ mode. This means you hold down the button and it will take lots (and lots) of shots very quickly.


Then you choose the one (or ones) you like best. Great for capturing that expression or moment in time.

Here is a link to more information on how to take images with your iPhone, you are welcome!

And here is a link to taking better Instagram photos too...Have fun!

Take lots – delete later – keep the ones you love!


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