The workshop


Perth Newborn and Baby Photography workshop by Dewdrops by Amy McDaniel-Auburn, Nicole Smith Photography, Life Cycle Images and Newborn Photography by Jade (newborn, baby photographers).

 Wow what line up!  I had the privilege of spending my whole weekend and learning from some of the best newborn and baby photographers from around the world!

I have been following these ladies’ work for quite some time now, and couldn't believe my luck when I found out they where ALL going to be in the same room teaching little old insignificant me…I was beyond words. And as one might suspect I was yet again star struck: 

As per my controlling nature I showed up half an hour early, and felt so nervous, I was scared, I mean these people are celebrities in the photography world. And aren't nerves just the strangest? I saw Amy and couldn't utter a single word! I instantly felt shy and didn't say much to her (she must have thought I'm one rude cookie!) then with Nicole Smith, I just couldn't keep my mouth shut, lots and lots of gibberish! At one point I was so nervous I couldn't string a sentence together, my brain truly let me down! And with Nicole Druce and Jade – well I kept asking them to put me to work! Haha!

After composing myself, I got to meet the rest of the group who were there to learn alongside me, and what a nice bunch, it was so refreshing to meet other photographers who weren’t mean to each other, and weren't there to compete, but were there to learn and make friends.

It was such a great workshop, we experienced both natural light posing as well as studio lighting. All the mentors were open books right form the start, they made me feel so comfortable and at home. Amy, Nicole, Nicole and Jade each has such different teaching techniques but it all came together so fluently and I found I learned something valuable and different from each of them. My experience mentoring with these four amazing photographers and human beings, was everything that I hoped it would be.


 They clearly explained not only their processes for setting up a shot, but their techniques for capturing the unique, artistic images as well.  They all demonstrated exactly how to achieve theses images, and then made sure we were all able to capture these images and angles ourselves, from styling to posing to editing. They didn't leave any details out.

We each had some 1:1 time with each of the mentors, and each of them have helped me with something that I either struggled with or didn't know. I felt like my photography skills were okay but nothing special.  I was missing something! These wonderful photographers taught me how to make small, simple changes that makes a big impact.  They were so patient and kind, they didn't even flinch each time I asked a silly question. There are so many new skills and techniques I have taken away from this workshop; my head is still spinning!


I have just started specialising in this genre and amazing world of newborn, baby photographers and know this will give me such a great advantage for my newborn & baby photography business, it was absolutely worth both the time and the financial investment.  I’m kinda sad it’s over because I wish I could do it all over again!

I had such an amazing time and laughed so much, I truly feel that I have made some wonderful friends, and if they'll have me, I will one day visit their studios, but for now I guess I will keep stalking them ;-).  And who knows, maybe my name could be uttered in the same sentence as Dewdrops by Amy McDaniel-Auburn, Nicole Smith Photography, Life Cycle Images and Newborn Photography by Jade.

Dare I dream?...