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As a Newborn baby Family photographer, I have and like to spend a lot of time researching, learning and reading about parenthood, babies and pregnancy, and I would like to share this with you that I think could be very helpful.

Fatigue & depression is very serious and it’s very hard to function if you are not at 100%, so I hope these tips below will be able to help you.

It can be a real struggle to get through the day on little sleep and while you’re constantly feeling tired. If you have other children, they add demands of their own. With increasing medical issues and things like recovering from c-sections, mamas all have one thing in common – they all want more sleep. So what can you do? - Well lets delve into the fourth trimester first...

What is the fourth trimester?

The first three months of life after birth are referred to as the fourth trimester

- Those foggy days when your baby are learning to be part of the world, away from the comfort and safety of your womb.

It’s not just babies who are adapting and awakening, though. 

You as a new mum are navigating shifting bodies (boobs and such) and tackling the very steep learning curve that this journey brings.

Fremantle Perth Newborn Baby Family Photographer

Why is the fourth trimester so important?

While women become mothers with babes in arms in a life-changing instant, growing into the role can take much, more time.

The fourth trimester honours this remarkable evolution – and highlights how important it is to support mothers through these early days. 

It’s also a reminder to mums that this period is kind of like the Twilight Zone of parenting, where they shouldn’t expect too much of themselves and can hopefully ease themselves into the role.

"Im talking to you lady, Stop being so hard on yourself!"

This time isn just about mental adjustments. Postpartum bodies also pose quite the physical challenge for mums of new babies, as they work hard to make milk, contract uteruses, recover pelvic floors, all while feeling slightly bewildered and sleep deprived.

Add baby blues, engorged breasts, fluctuating hormones, postpartum bleeding and potential for anxiety and depression to the mix, and you’ll see why women need to be cared for – and take care of themselves – as they learn to care for their bubs. 

This newborn baby period is full of special moments.

So here are some tips for you and your family

1. Make self-care a priority. This doesn’t mean days at the spa... Perhaps it’s listening to a podcast while you walk your baby in the park. Maybe it’s picking up coffee and a pastry from the drive-through as your baby doze in the back seat of the car.

It could be binge watching something you missed the first time around while your baby snuffles through those gruelling night feeds...

Enriching or entertaining self-care is not the only kind you should be aiming for. Self-nurturing, eating well, drinking plenty of fluids, resting when you can, reducing obligations/social commitments, seeing medical professionals when appropriate, wearing comfy clothes and caring for your body, in general, are all really important too.

“By looking after the mother, we look after the baby. Making the most of the sleep you can get and adapting your life around the impacts of broken sleep can make all the difference. Being gentle with yourself and having realistic expectations of what you can achieve apart from infant and self-care can help you accept these temporary changes in your life”

And lastly remember to book your portrait session at your preferred Newborn and baby photographer, as these little ones change so fast, if you need any help with choosing your Newborn and baby photographer please read my blog on How to choose your photographer..

Fremantle Perth Newborn baby Family Photographer

Thank you for reading...

much love.

Ps. Leave your phone somewhere else, turn it off or on silent, don't get tempted to quickly look at Facebook or Instagram…just leave it.  It will all still be there when you wake up…

Take this time to completely unplug. Your sleep is too valuable, don't give into this time sucking hobby that is social media.



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