Kelly Brown Workshop

Newborn & baby Photographer - Kelly Brown's photography workshop |January 2016| Perth, Western-Australia

To say I was excited to attend this workshop and to meet this amazing Newborn & baby Photographer was an understatement! I was very excited, so didn't sleep much the night before…

Kelly did not disappoint!

Let me tell you a bit more about Kelly; some of you might know apart from having a really cool haircut (which I could never pull off) she is also a multi award winning newborn & baby photographer. She is a wonderful person with a beautiful soul, who truly cares about others. Kelly has been through so much – all of this, and all her wonderful-ness has made her into this charming, witty, sincere, caring, loving – down to earth human being with no ego! Just another lovely person, who made me and the other ladies feel right at home and the atmosphere was great.

Kelly and her right hand man Garrett Hollis (who is a great website developer ) held this workshop with the greatest of ease! Kelly’s mentoring style is extremely relaxed and calm, which in-turn makes the little ones relaxed and calm.

Amongst other things, newborn safety was at the top of the agenda, as it should be.  She helped me understand how to handle a little one safely, and if baby doesn't want to go into a certain position, it's okay...don't stress about it, move on! rather keep baby comfortable and safe.

There are a few general rules that Kelly goes by, and I will have to ‘steal’ these rules:

  • Never leave baby alone or unattended, even more so when there are siblings around.
  • Do not force the little one into any pose that will make baby uncomfortable or upset
  • Always have a parent or a spotter nearby – baby have startle reflexes at this stage and can easily injure or get injured
  • Always, always have your camera strap around your neck when shooting baby from above, the photograph and your photography career (be-it newborn or baby) isn't worth anything if your end up injuring the little ones.
  • Don't put baby into a prop that can potentially break, this includes glass props. 
  • Use a support hand or finger to support baby, worry about it later – photoshop can be your friend


The aim here is to handle your most precious gift with tenderness and great confidence with safety being the number one priority at all times. I learnt about angles and seeing light, I see things so much clearer now and I feel like I'm truly starting to grow and understand, as a creative and as a photographer.

The little ones that we invited to be photographed made for a valuable yet entertaining experience! Some of them were really sleepy and we got the poses right away, others were a bit more sensitive and a little less baby entertained us greatly, little Chase - had a wee on dad’s shorts and then fooled everyone in to thinking he was ready for some sleepies! Not long after Kelly had the parents and little Chase in their positions, he thought “I shall now poop!”, which was rather funny!

I guess the point I'm making is that every little newborn baby is different and should be handled so.

But this newborn & baby photographer (s) workshop was more than that. You know when it all just fits together and feel right? That's what it was. Kelly said the following:

  • “It’s a journey – find what you love!
  •   it's okay to take a compliment.
  • Be confident
  • Challenge yourself
  • All of the above and more will help you be a better photographer!”

Then there was Garrett, who helped us with the technical side such as understanding the importance of a good website, blogging (*wink, wink!) and SEO! It was truly both insightful and helpful! (Although a lot of the time I think Garrett only really came along for the afternoon tea! Haha!)

Then to top it all off, we all got to have dinner with Kelly and Garret, and just when you thought it was already pretty amazing, Erin Hoskins - another amazing Newborn & baby photographer showed up and joined us for dinner!

I cannot wait to see these lovely  people again, and hope to do so later in the year at The Baby Summit, which is also hosted by Kelly.

I have learned so much during this workshop and will forever be grateful to Kelly. If this is what my photography career has in-store for me, I am truly blessed.

[caption id="attachment_366" align="alignright" width="1200"] Posed & Styled by "Little Pieces photography by Kelly Brown", photographed and enhanced by "Peas in a Pod by Karin Nagel"[/caption]