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A Few Tips for better Instagram Photo(s)

There are plenty of ways to take better Instagram photo(s) and to receive more likes on that photo, but today I’m going to share a few very simple tips that will guarantee more double-taps on your photo.


Light is key:

-  Light, light, light! Great natural light is often the key to great photos. I am always looking for indirect light (you don’t want harsh direct light—it creates harsh shadows!). The best place is usually close to a window.

-  If you don’t have great light, make it.  For some photos, I create a more ideal lighting environment using a DIY reflector or a white cloth, white dish towel or tissues. This makes it easy to bounce light back in to get a nice light and airy photograph.

Take the picture on a clean background:.

- Think about what background you’re using for the photo before you snap — don’t be afraid to move things around!

- A simple whiteboard is the perfect blank canvas if you’re trying to showcase something. You can also use a piece of coloured paper, wooden floorboards in your home, or clear off a space on your dining table.

- If you’re out and about the same rule applies–find a clean background to shoot on. I personally would go for something clean with texture so, in other words, something that doesn't distract the viewer's eye from the "product" that you are trying to showcase.

- I’ll often move my coffee over to a different surface or background in a cafe to get a better photo. You may think this is a little extreme, but if you’re using Instagram as a tool to "show off" then you might as well make it look good :-)


Create an eye-catching layout & blank space:

- As your followers quickly scroll through their Instagram feed, they are bombarded with hundreds of images and your goal is to publish a photo so captivating that they’ll have a desire to pause, look at it, like it and hopefully click over to your profile for more.

- In order to make your image stand out from the hundreds, you need to create an eye-catching layout.

- The easiest way to do this is to add blank space to your image — it can be at the top, on the sides or the bottom. And you will notice that I love negative space!

- Take a look at the difference between utilising white space to create a more eye-catching layout with the same items.


Photo Editing App:

- My favourite editing app is VSCO, there is just something about it that take your photo for zero to hero, it's extremely user-friendly and free :-)

  • TIP: Don't over-do or over-filter your photos, the key is to get it right "IN -CAMERA" and just tweak in post-processing :-)

Other things to consider are:

- Wherever you can Use the rule of thirds 

- Is your content share-worthy? or are your followers just going to scroll past?

- Caption & Hashtags - make sure the caption and hashtags of your photo are appropriate and fitting.

What’s your favourite tip for styling an Instagram photo? Leave it in the comments below!


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