I didn’t always have this business, I jumped from profession to profession, and was never happy (I know this doesn't paint me in a good light, but Im keeping it real with you!)

Then one day it all got so overwhelming, that I knew if I didn't find a way out, I will be the same miserable person for the rest of my life...

In 2010 my dreamboat of a husband invested in a DSLR camera for me. Little did I know, that camera would be my one-way ticket out of these soul sucking jobs the I came to loathe.

That single investment led me to the small , beautiful business I’m running today.

EHP_8829 B&W.jpg

These days you can find me in my gorgeous little studio in Fremantle, or at home in Perth with my hunk of a husband and our fur kid, Maverick - or even on the beach....

I Should have known, that stubborn, bossy boots, headstrong girl, who always got into to  trouble with mum - "because you don't know how to keep your mouth shut..." (thanks dad!), would become an entrepreneur someday. 

So, why do I do this? - Whats in it for me? 

- I get to make people feel, my job is to see You in a way that you don't see yourself, and those who surround you, every-single-day! Celebrating your and their enough-ness and feel less alone-ness.

I see the true beauty, that Im so very privileged to see, through my lens.

I capture raw authentic emotions, with minimal posing, that’s the foundation of every successful and sought-after photographer.

I truly believe in appreciating the small things, because at the end of the day, it's the little things that make up the big things.

I also find I relax and let myself enjoy the sessions, enjoy the creative side of me come to light, it seems it's the only times I truly find calm, and for a person who's always in her own head... the calm and relax that washes over me in a session is something amazing.

In fact you will see this #itsthelittlethings in most of my Instagram Posts.

Have a look at my silly-ness below...you'll love it!



Fremantle Perth Newborn Baby Family Photographer