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The Process


Hi Friends! Thank you so much for spending time on my website! If you are looking for more information, you have landed in the right place. I would also like to say thank you for booking or considering booking with me.

On this page you will find extremely important information in regards to planning your session,I ask all my clients and potential clients to read the information provided, as it will help the session to run smoothly and make it all more enjoyable.

Below you will also see a short film clip of what it looks like in the studio.

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What happens when we book a session with Peas in a Pod by Karin Nagel?

The entire portrait process takes place in three different meetings with me.

  • The Pre-Session Consultation (on the phone)
  • The Session
  • Viewing & Ordering Appointment in-person

My focus is to create an amazing experience. I pride myself on exceptional customer service.

At your consultation we will get to know one another.

Great portraits begin with a great relationship






What different sessions does Peas in a Pod by Karin Nagel offer?

I specialise in Newborn & baby Photography,

However I also have other options such as Maternity & Family Sessions available as well.

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Where will the session take place?

My beautiful, cosy space is located at Stackwood Studios in Fremantle. This is where all Newborn, baby, sitter, selected family and maternity sessions are held.

If your aren't familiar with Stackwood, here it is. Its the most amazing, bright, spacious warehouse, with beautiful natural light. My neighbours are some of the most amazing creatives, ( Winterwares, Clean Slate, Sally Mundy etc - to name a few), and let not forget Stacked Cafe! Yes, that's right, we have a little coffee shop here too.

All studio sessions are held weekday mornings at 8:30am unless a different time have been scheduled, as this is when the light is at is most beautiful in our studio. I prefer to photograph newborns and babies in the studio only.

When it comes to outdoor, on-location sessions, I have a few preferred urban locations, however I am always on the hunt for more amazing and different spaces. Your location will impact your images, and its important to consider the look you are going for. I would recommend to consider how the "backdrop" location will look once its on your walls, displayed in your home. 

All our outdoor sessions are always best done in the hour before sunset – this time is called “Golden Hour” and is also when the light is at it’s best! 

During summer months sunset is quite late in the day at some times it is well after 7pm, I know this can be a concern for families with younger children, however recommend to make the exception for their bedtime this once, after all its an adventure. I recommend booking your sessions during the cooler months when sunset is earlier or in past experience have noted most children are fine with the session time as long as they have had a good rest during the day and a meal prior to the session. Generally the excitement of the new location and outing is enough to keep them quite content.


When to book your Newborn Session?

What if you've forgotten to book and baby has already been born?

I recommend you reserve your newborn session whilst you are still pregnant, Tip: - Note it down on your list  when you are getting your hospital bag ready.

However if it slipped your mind and your baby has already entered the world, contact me and let us see where I can fit you in.

Newborn babies photograph best between 5-10 days old. At this point these sweet peas are still very sleepy and like to curl up as if they were still in the womb.

I take up to three hours for a newborn session and leave plenty of time for feeding, changing, cuddles and breaks for mama and baby.

Come as soon as you feel ready.

I cannot wait to meet you and your little one!

Please have a look through my site and portfolio, to get a good feel for my style.

When photographing babies older than 14 days,

I ask that parents adjust their expectations as older babies will not curl up into those squishy positions and they will be more alert and awake.

I style the sessions with the wraps and props in studio, so please don't worry about the styling and outfits.

If you are bringing along siblings we generally do all siblings and family shots within the first part of the session (allow 30-45 minutes).

After sibling and parent shots, I recommend that you (dad or carer), have a little wander out of the studio. There are parks, cafe's and beaches all around us. 

The session is 3+ hours. This is a long time and in my experience it's the least stressful way to spend the morning for all parties concerned.

Please note, as much as I love siblings and chatting, Your baby is my number ONE priority, and the session will go according to baby's needs, sometimes the session will it go over the allocated time. 

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The Pre-Consultation


When should I call to schedule my session?

Before your baby is born! It is so important to plan ahead. I always advise to jolt this down on your list when planning your hospital bag etc.

Capturing your newborn within the first two weeks of life while they are still sleepy and curled up, can make all the difference in your newborn portraits.

Since we never really know exactly when your little one will arrive,

I will put you on our calendar to hold a spot for you.

When your baby is born I will move your appointment accordingly. If your baby arrives early or if your baby is already born, don’t panic!

I will always do our best to squeeze newborns into our schedule. Older babies take beautiful portraits too and after all, this is what I specialise in.

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What kind of Investment does most families make?

Most of my clients typically invest $900 - $1900

However, everyone’s needs are different – some spend a little more.

I also offer payment plans as I understand how expensive it can be with a new little one.

Please contact me for more information regarding the payment plans.


What happens at the pre-session consultation?

This is where the excitement starts!

We get to sit back, relax and talk about what we can do to create the ideal session for you or we can hold the consultation over the phone, whichever is more convenient for you.

When you book, we will have a chat about what you want out of this shoot, so I can tailor the finished product to your tastes and preferences.

I will ask about you, your kids, your family, your house, your style!

I will also talk about clothes, and what to wear to your session.

If you would like to order wall art, I find it helpful to see images of your home so we can discuss styles and presentation.

When your session day arrives, I will have everything planned so it goes smoothly – which means LESS stress for you.

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The Shoot


What should baby wear?

Newborns photograph best without any clothes at all.

I also love to photograph newborns dressed in neutral coloured organic, subtle wraps, rompers and pants.

I love them swaddled in blankets with lots of texture and snuggled up tight in buckets and baskets.

In the studio I have a supply of newborn hats, bows and headbands that coordinate beautifully with the blankets and props that we will use to stylise your images.

You are welcome to bring any hats or blankets that you would like to have the baby photographed in.

I encourage our clients to bring special, personal items which make the session and images especially meaningful.


What Should we wear?

The other important thing to consider your and the rest of the family's wardrobe.

What you wear to your session will again be the difference between beautiful, timeless images and images that you won't love after a few years have passed.

Obviously your session style and location will come in to play so please consider the colour tones of your location "backdrop" first,  then plan a “colour scheme” to dress everyone.

I ask that you don't match everyone, but rather think about complimentary tones of a similar colour or combinations. 

You also need to avoid any logos, brand labels, or graphics. These are distracting!

Stick to plains or repetitive patterns. Layers and textures are also beautiful.

As my style is light, neutral and airy, I recommend these tones as they are easy colours to style with.

 I encourage you to include us in your wardrobe planning, send your ideas and suggestions, I will and suggest how to co-ordinate.

For maternity sessions, I generally encourage my clients to organise clothing that show off that bump, so either full flow maxi dresses, maxi skirts or stretchy dresses. 

You will also receive a Preparation guide when you book, which you can refer to.












The Viewing & Ordering Appointment


The Viewing & Ordering appointment….

The Viewing &Ordering appointment is the time when you get to see all the fruits of the session.

The appointment takes place at the studio, and lasts roughly two hours.

After viewing and welling up, I will help you sort through the images if you so wish,

and make final decisions on what will look best displayed on wall art or in an album.

I will show you actual size and pair images together for a stunning album or wall gallery.

All of the products we offer are sure to get you excited about what lies ahead!



Can I bring my children to the Ordering & Viewing appointment?

Of course you can! Children are welcome,

BUT if you would like a chance to relax and concentrate on the beautiful images and products that we will be creating for you,

Then you might want to arrange childcare.

Or we can schedule your appointment when your children are in school.




When do I get to see the images?

You will be able to see your images projected larger than life,

in a slideshow set to music during your Ordering & Viewing Appointment 2- 3 weeks after your session.


Why can it be so expensive?

Quality, custom photography by a specially-trained portrait artist is not for everyone, and takes an enormous amount of time and creative commitment.

I am priced in order to continue the premier service I provide to my wonderful clients.

To put things in context, think about discount stores, department stores and boutiques.

Peas in a Pod by Karin Nagel is a “boutique” style of photography studio with a fine art product and service that comes with this business model.

And as blunt as this might seem, I educate my clients that my business model is designed around being able to offer my clients the best products and service,

but also to pay my household bills, put fuel in my car and keep up mortgage payments.

Thank you for understanding.




What if I only want a few small prints?

My studio is a full service, high quality studio.

I spend an unlimited amount of time on your session from photography to post processing,

Then provide you with the highest quality images to choose from.

I offer in-house professional printing, the smallest size I print up is a4.
















When do I receive my products?

When you invest in a Collection you leave the Studio on the that of Ordering with your Fine Art Prints and Digitals, - yes thats correct, you get to take it home with you.

However if you have ordered additional products such as albums and frames, so please allow 4 weeks from your order date.

Custom designed albums and wall products will take longer, but it’s worth the wait, I promise!
















The Long Term Plan


Long term Plan

And that’s not the end!

My families often come to me year after year.

As your children grow and change, it will be time to update your portraits.

So right from the start we plan, knowing that more may come.

And I design around that!

The next time you work with me, we’ll create art that coordinates with sessions past, so you can build on to what we’ve already created for you in a way that works and delights you year after year.