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When your baby is asleep or discovering his fingers, his sense of taste,

and as he grows - his emotions, his sense of self, his weaknesses,

his triumphs and strengths...

I want you to stop, stare and think: "Wow, I made that!" 

- Karin Nagel 



I have a contagious laugh and more patience than Mary Poppins, plus I can coax a smile out of the most stubborn toddler! The real reason I'm known for being a "baby whisperer" and being so "cool" with the kids are, that Im just a big kid myself, and  it means I can just be my silly self.

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Before we go any further, let me introduce myself… 

I’m a small town Fremantle photographer, and woman in business with big dreams.

I also really like Cheese, Wine,  G&Ts & Chocolate, oh and puppies!

 I've been keeping' it real since 1987....

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