MY ethos

You might notice that my images and style are a little different from most newborn & family photographers based here in and around Perth & Fremantle.

Over the years I’ve discovered how important it is to keep things simple. To focus on the little joys, connections and moments. I don’t over complicate my images with props, colours or fancy ‘things’, although I enjoy little trinkets!

Why my style you might wonder? - Well, because quite simply, you, your newborn, baby, and family are absolutely perfect – just the way you all are.

For years I’ve been obsessed with simplicity and minimalism. Trying to find ways to ‘slow down’ this chaotic crazy life ….

I am driven to create images which capture the connection, simplicity, love, curiosity, chaos and calmness that is children and family life. I strive to create a beautiful experience where my families can relax, away from the distractions of everyday life, and take time to celebrate their small people, and this amazing thing called family.

Because you see… I can’t just slow it down.

When I think about my photography and what I want to achieve, 3 words spring to mind:  

Emotive - For me, it is imagery that is stripped back so that it moves you, the images move you to tears. 

Timeless - That is just it, my images are meant to be as amazing and beautiful in 40 years as they are now.

Simple - For me it's simple. Strip it all away and you are left with an amazing image of your family.

I print in-house, my prints have been perfectly crafted to where, according to some "could hang in a gallery" (insert blushing emoji!). My prints are archival and on the most beautiful fine art paper


If you’d like to capture today, just head to the gift voucher page to purchase your session, or click on the link below to ask more questions.


I’m a small town Fremantle photographer, and woman in business with big dreams. I also really like Cheese, Wine, G&Ts & Chocolate, oh and puppies!

I've been keepin' it real since 1987....

I have a contagious laugh and more patience than Mary Poppins, plus I can coax a smile out of the most stubborn toddler! The real reason I'm known for being a "baby whisperer" and being so "cool" with the kids are, that Im just a big kid myself, and it means I can just be my silly self!

Your family is amazing. That's what I think at least. Professional, studio portraiture celebrates you and the legacy that you are making. Images of you in your home will bring to life the love you share and the adventures you have together. And when you walk by it everyday, you'll get an overwhelming feeling of joy, love, giggles and nostalgic purpose flowing through your veins.

My goal is to make those images be more and more valuable to you every year that passes.

And when professional imagery is printed and designed to coordinate with your home and its decor, all of sudden you are your art.

An investment so worth it, you'll wonder how you could have ever lived without it. Especially when your little ones grow, change and discover before your eyes. Remembering  those looks, grins, smirks, and oh-so-them growth stages will seem like you want to keep a grip on the past. They grow too fast!